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Daily Delight

If you have a sweet tooth – Savannah, GA is the place for you!


Known for their array of candy shops located in their infamous market is a sweet tooth lovers dream.


Unfortunatley, I do not have a sweet tooth, so although I snapped the photos I did not choose any of the wide varieties of – I am sure – delicious treats offered.


Take a look for yourself! If you were given the opportunity to purchase and consume any form of candy in this shop – what would you choose?


Forget about the calories! Spiced pecans, cookies, lollipops? Soda pop?


Visiting Savannah, GA earlier this summer, we stopped into one of their infamous candy shops located in the market.


How adorable is this lollipop? They had several intricate lollipops on display / for purchase.


What cool foods have you seen traveling this past summer?

Summer is almost over, and the travel height of the year should be slowing down once school is back in session.


My favorite meal to order from room service is grilled cheese with French fries.



My companion for one of my summer adventures chose the cheese burger with fries.



What is you favorite room service meal?


Part of my summer plans was a road trip from New York to Miami!


We stopped along different cities in the drive down the east coast and had a variety of food.


In Savannah, GA there were plenty of candy shops in the small market.

Everyone is battling 90+ degree heat! What are you cooling off with?


I recently went on a road trip from New York to Miami. In Savannah, GA they were selling these cute old fashioned Coca Cola bottles!


Very refreshing in the southern heat!


What are you drinking to keep cool from the summer heat?

One of the reasons why I love summer is how fresh the fruit are!Reminds me of the summers I use to spend on my favorite island as a child.


Food shopping earlier this week, I just had to snap a shot of all that fresh fruit! My choices were mangos, strawberries, bananas, apples and peaches.


What is your favorite summer fruit?

One of the greatest things about summer and the city that never sleeps?


Random street festivals!


A few weeks ago I went to one of my favorite museums, MOMA, to check out the art work. Right outside on Sixth Avenue, was a street festival.


Unfortunately, I have been battling the heat wave here in New York City - and a nasty cold.


I made myself iced ginger tea with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Hopefully this will cure my cold and I can get back to enjoying the above normal summer heat!


What cold remedies do you recommend?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July! 


The Shake and Cook staff is taking the holiday off. 


See you tomorrow!


Stay safe, enjoy the weather and delicious food! 

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