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Menus and Party Planning
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The Bar: What to Stock

The below is an essential list of what to stock at a cocktail party of about 50 guests (give a take of course). Assuming your guests will want a variety of drinks, below is the standard list that will cover most requested drinks: 


2 liters of vodka

1 small bottle (375ml) of dry vermouth for martinis

1 liter each of rum, scotch (blended), bourbon, tequila, triple sec and gin

1 bottle of Rose’s lime juice

1 bottle of Worcestershire sauce

1 bottle of Tabasco sauce

2 gallons of orange and cranberry juice

1 gallon each of grapefruit and tomato juice

6 liters each of tonic water, seltzer, cola, diet cola, and club soda

10 bottles each of red and white wine

2 cases of beer


Make sure your bar is also filled with garnishes. For a modified or basic bar, lemons and limes (about a dozen) will suffice. For a full bar you will need to stock up on green olives, cocktail onions, maraschino cherries, orange slices and lemon twists.


Also, make sure you have two pounds of ice cubes per guest, plus lots of crushed ice to keep beer and white wine cool.

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