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Menus and Party Planning
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Daily Delight
Kitchen Gear

Below is a checklist of essential kitchen gear that will make you the new known chef in no time.


Pots and Pans

8 and 10” nonstick skillets

3 cup saucepan with lid

2 and 3 quart saucepans with lids

3 quart sauté pan with lid

6 or 8 quart stockpot

7 quart Dutch oven that can go from the oven to the table

Roasting Pan

Knives and Chopping Boards

All purpose 6” chef’s knife

4” paring knife

Serrated bread knife

Kitchen scissors

Small, medium and large plastic cutting boards


Spoons, Spatulas and other Tools

2 long-handle wooden spoons, 1 solid and 1 slotted

Nonmetal spatula

Long cooking fork

2 pairs of tongs, in varying lengths, with spring locks

2 whisks; a small flat whisk for emulsifying sauces and dressings and a medium-size balloon whisk for whipping cream and beating eggs


Baking Essentials

Set of mixing bowls

Rolling Pin

Extra-large nonstick mat for rolling pastry

2 metal baking pans: an 8” x 10” or 9” x 13” rectangle and an 8” or 9” square

1 or 2 metal muffin/cupcake pans

1 or 2 metal or Pyrex pie pans

8” or 9” square or round cake pans

Set of rectangular Pyrex baking dishes in different sizes

Cookie sheet: 12” x 14” or 14” x 16” rectangle



Food Processor

Handheld or standing mixer

Immersion blender


Other Necessary Kitchen Gear

Large measuring cup (liquids)

Set of flat-bottom measuring cups (dry ingredients)

A set of measuring spoons on a ring

Large colander

Can opener

Vegetable peeler

Salad spinner

Cheese grater / fruit zester

Instant – read meat thermometer

Ice cream scoop


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