Menus and Party Planning
Menus and Party Planning
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Planning your party menu

Planning your party menu can give some an anxiety attack. Thinking if everyone will enjoy the foods you picked, remembering everyones preferences, health concerns, and diets can become overwhelming.


Below are some general rules that can make the beginners of party planning at ease.


Shop early – buy groceries and dry goods (paper towels, soda, alcohol) in advance. Groceries 1 -2 days before; dry goods as far in advance as possible.


Use fresh ingredients.


Decide how your guests will eat – at a table, buffet, standing up, etc…


When planning a buffet, remember the logistics – it is very hard to use and fork and knife while standing up. Serve foods that compliment how your guests are eating their meal.


Don’t put so much pressure on yourself– don’t plan an elaborate menu you know your current skills or cooking knowledge may not be able to complete. Also remember this if you are limited with time and have a large amount of guests over. The point of entertaining is to surround yourself with good friends and good things to eat.


You can always buy rather than cook – hors d’oeuvres and desserts are the easiest to buy and serve at parties. Saves you time and both are usually delicious and satisfying to your guests palates.


Prepare as much food as possible, as early as possible – Cream sauce over tomato-based sauce – cream sauce can be cooked at the last minute, wile tomato-based sauce can sometimes require hours of cooking.


Stay away from fish– unless of course you are a seafood lover, and know how to cook fish well; it takes time and preparation, which you may not have when hosting a dinner party.


Use your oven in advance for certain dishes.


Save simple tasks for last – warming bread in the oven, tossing with salad with dressing, slicing the meat, transferring the food to platters; all these can be done while chatting with friends.

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