Menus and Party Planning
Menus and Party Planning
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There are so many rules on how to seat people at a dinner party (boy, girl, boy, girl or to never put couples together). I found out at my holiday dinner party that placing the right people next to one another was half the battle, especially when not all guests knew each other as well as some other guests.


Remember the overall idea when seating people is to ensure fun, spirited conversation throughout the meal.


Evenly distribute your liveliest, most outgoing guests and mix old friends with new ones. It is best not to group your closest friends together at one end of the table because they are likely to ignore other guests. Some say separating couples, and sorting by gender is best and leads to an innocent flirty energy to the table, but this is unnecessary, and I have found the most couples question why they are not seated together.


Seating 2


Once you have decided on where your guests will sit place cards so you don’t to act like an air-traffic controller at mealtime. Place cards make the party, and your guests, feel special. Place cards also add to the formality of a party.


Formal, calligraphed cards are fine for black-tie dinners, but when entertaining in your home, take a lighter approach. Write names on colorful card stock, or stencil initials on strips of paper and wrap them around napkins.

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