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Daily Delight
Cinnamon Rolls with Icing

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This is the classic dessert that everyone loves. Your kids will eat these delicious rolls right up! 


SERVES: 1 dozen rolls




2 eggs

3/4 cup warm water

1 package active dry yeast

3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons white sugar

1/2 cup butter (not salted)



1/4 cup butter, melted (not salted)

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon



3/4 cup white confectioners sugar

3 teaspoons milk




In a large bowl beat the eggs. Add the water and yeast, and stir. Refrigerate the egg mixture for 10 minutes.


In a large bowl, mix flour, salt and sugar. With a fork blend in the butter until the mixture looks like coarse crumbs. Make a well in the center and pour in the egg mixture. Blend until sticky and loose.


Spread flour over a surface then place the dough on it and begin kneading. Knead for about 2 minutes until the dough is smooth. Lightly grease a bowl. Shape the dough into a ball and place it in the bowl. Refrigerate the dough in the bowl for at least 2 hours, or overnight.


Spread flour over a surface then put the dough on it. Shape the dough into an oblong shape about 1/4 inch thick. Brush the dough with the melted butter.


In a large bowl, prepare the filling by mixing brown sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle the mixture over the dough, leaving a 1-inch border. Roll the dough to form a jelly roll. With a sharp knife cut the roll into 1-inch slices.


Place the rolls on a greased baking sheet, about 2 inches apart. Put the baking sheet in a warm place and let the dough rise for about 30 minutes. Heat oven to 350F degrees. Bake the rolls for 22 to 24 minutes.


Let the rolls cool slightly on a wire rack. To prepare the icing, in a bowl mix the confectioners sugar and milk until smooth. Drizzle the icing over the rolls and serve warm.

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