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Each cocktail is served in a specific glass. Since it is impossible to guest what each guest will order in advance, below are the basic types of glasses that every bar should have, and will cover most requested drinks.


All purpose, 11-oz. stemware glass: Suitable for red and white wine, sparkling water sangria and champagne (if champagne will be a highly requested drink, invest in flutes). If you want to keep things really simple, these glasses are fine to use for mixed drinks and sodas too.


8 to 10-oz. highball glass: This is ideal for water, soda, beer and most mixed drinks. Old-fashioned: Also known as a lowball, whiskey or rocks glass, this short tumbler is appropriate for any drink served on the rocks.


Classic 4 to 6-oz cocktail, or martini, glass: It’s a bit disorienting to drink a martini or cosmopolitan from anything else, so invest in a set of six or eight. You’ll feel glamorous every time you use them.

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