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Menus and Party Planning
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There are many different types of invitations that are sent out – Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthday, Holiday Parties; any type of event you are throwing will normally include some sort of invitation. Invitations can be sent either paper or electronic, depending on type of event.


No matter the form of invitation or type of event, there are key pieces of information that need to be included within the invitation:


The reason for the event (and what to expect to eat and drink): Be as specific as possible. If the occasion is a friend’s birthday, write something such as “Please join us for cake and champagne to celebrate Jane’s 40th Birthday.” (Make sure the birthday girl doesn’t mind sharing her age). That way people know what type of food and beverage to expect.


Date and time: Include a start and end time, so guests know what time to arrive and can expect what time to be leaving the party. Location: This should include full address, telephone number of venue and/or host, and map and/or directions.

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