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When I attend dinner parties, sometimes the place setting can seem cluttered and I can get a bit overwhelmed with which utensils to use first. A good idea is to usually work your way from the outside in.


Another trick I learned was from my mother, she taught me the acronym B.E.D. B stands for “bread” meaning the bread dish will be to your left. E stands for "end of dinner"; anything that will come at the end of dinner, such as dessert utensils will be in front of your plate. Finally, D stands for "drink;" all your glasses will be to the right of table setting. Now you will have no reason to confuse yourself on which glass belongs to you, or your neighbor. Table set up


Below is the standard for setting a semi-formal / formal place setting. Use this guide for your next dinner party.


1. Put down a plate.


2. To the left of the plate, place forks (typically just salad and entrée forks) in the order in which guests will use them, with the first one farthest out.

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